Sliding Fee Discount Program

The Sliding Fee Discount Program (SFDP) is based upon services rendered and has four-discount pay classes between 100% and 200% or less of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG).

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Paying your bill is important, but not as important as your health! If you are having trouble making a payment, understanding your bill, or need assistance setting up an affordable payment plan, please call our main office (Whitewater): (262) 472-6839.

A message from the Patient Financial Advocate team at RRCC

“Our team can help you work through the steps of getting the care you need, including finding primary care. We can help you enroll in our Sliding Fee Scale program to help make care more affordable. We can also help you apply for BadgerCare (Medicaid), connect you to prescription assistance programs, and help you find transportation to and from your appointments at one of our clinics.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)?

Federally Qualified Health Centers are community-based health care providers that receive funds from the HRSA Health Center Program to provide primary care services in underserved areas.

What is a sliding fee schedule program?

A program designed to reduce the cost of primary care for those who meet income requirements. These low fees are available to patients based on the guidelines provided annually by the federal government.

How would I benefit from the sliding fee schedule program?

If you qualify, medical services provided in-house may be substantially reduced depending on eligibility.

What is covered under the sliding fee schedule?

Not all services are covered under the sliding fee program. Medical services provided “in-house” are eligible for a sliding fee discount. “In-house” refers to medical services provided at the clinic such as labs, EKG’s, immunizations and office visits. Any specialty visits or diagnostics sent to reference labs or hospitals are not covered under the sliding fee program. For example, pathology specimens or x-rays are not processed in house so you will be billed directly for those services. Discounts will be available for specialty services. 

I would like more information on your sliding fee schedule program. How do I apply?

You will need to submit an application and provide proof of total household income. We have applications available on site. 

What are acceptable forms of proof of income?

RRCC will accept the following items as acceptable forms of proof of income: 

  • Most recent Federal Income Tax Return.
  • Most recent four paycheck stubs.
  • Letter from employer of annual/monthly income if a patient does not file an income tax return and does not get paid by check.
  • Letter of support.
  • Social Security/Unemployment/retirement check; or
  • Court order or any other form of third-party independent source document showing one-time, monthly, or annual income. 

My income has changed recently. Can I reapply for the sliding fee schedule program?

Yes, we ask that you reapply anytime there is a change in your household income.

It appears that I will qualify for a sliding fee but I have insurance. Can I still apply?

Yes. Patients may apply whether or not they have other insurance coverage. If you are approved, the program can help with any remaining balance after insurance has been applied.

I do not have a Medicare supplement. Would I be eligible for a sliding fee?

Yes, you may be eligible for a sliding fee. You will need to fill out an application and provide proof of income to be considered for the program.

Do I have to include all members of my household on the application?

Yes. All members living in the same household need to be listed on the application, whether related or not.

I have a 19 year old child living in my house with no source of income. Do I need to include him on the sliding fee application?

Yes, anyone over the age of 18 claiming “zero income” must sign a Zero Income Attestation.

My only source of income is social security but it is directly deposited in my bank. How can I show proof of income? 

A copy of your social security award letter or a copy of your bank deposit statement are

acceptable forms of proof of income.

I am unable to pay the nominal fee today. Do I need to reschedule?

No, it is not necessary to reschedule. As a FQHC, we see patients regardless of their ability to pay. You will still be responsible for the nominal fee but we are able to bill that to you for today’s visit.

I may qualify for a sliding fee discount. If I complete the sliding fee application, will it cover my visit today? 

Yes, as long as the application is received at the administrative office within 30 days of today’s visit.  Discounts will be applied retroactively for a 30 day period.

I have completed the application and provided proof of income. Now what?

Typically, applications are reviewed within 3-5 days of receipt. You will receive a letter and welcome packet in the mail informing you of your discount, if applicable.

I received a letter stating I qualified for a sliding fee discount. How long is this effective?

The application is approved on a yearly basis. You will need to reapply each year in order to utilize the program.

Since I qualified for a sliding fee schedule last year, do I still need to go through the application process again? 

Yes, enrollment expires every year and a new application is required at that time.