Our Medical Providers

Stephanie Nottestad, MD, Medical Director

Helen Box, MD, Primary Care Provider (Watertown Clinic)

Michael Grajewski, MD, Primary Care Provider (Watertown Clinic)

Thomas Grossman, MD, Orthopedics (Whitewater Clinic)

Mary Beck Metzger, APNP – Primary Care Provider  (Whitewater & Jefferson Clinics)

Cynthia Sepulveda, APNP – Primary Care Provider (Watertown & Whitewater Clinics)

Our Dental Providers

Brian Turley, DDS – Dentist– Dental Director (Fort Atkinson Clinic)

Melissa Trimbell, DDS – Dentist (Fort Atkinson Clinic)

John Halversen, DDS – Dentist (Fort Atkinson Clinic)

Mary Frances Jahnke, DDS – Dentist (Fort Atkinson Clinic)

David Meade, DDS – Dentist (Fort Atkinson Clinic)

Qingze Lv, DDS – Dentist (Fort Atkinson Clinic)

Ronita Hickman – Registered Dental Hygienist (Fort Atkinson Clinic)

Other Staff

Management Team

Kristin Wallace, Executive Director (Interim), 262-472-6839 

Maria Victoria Mejia Franco, Medical Operations Manager, 262-472-6839

Melissa Stark, Dental Operations Manager, 920-563-4372

Support Staff

All of our front office staff and coordinators work closely with new patients. They are friendly, bilingual, and ready to assist patients at any time. Please call one of our clinic locations with questions or to learn more about Rock River Community Clinic.

Referral Coordinator

Financial Advocate

Health Care Navigator

PAP Coordinator

Front Office Assistant – Whitewater

Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for new team members who want to join us and be a part of our mission. Please contact Rock River Community Clinic’s Executive Director for current job opportunities at (262) 472-6839.